Harmony FM 89.9


Harmony FM is broadcasting under a Temporary Community Broadcast Licence.

Harmony FM has a Senior Citizen’s Licence, the first in Sydney and Greater Sydney area.

We share the 89.9 FM frequency with WHCR (cams), Hawkesbury Gold & Hawkesbury Radio. 

Hawkesbury Harmony Community Radio Inc., publicly known as Harmony FM 89.9, was formed to better provide a community radio service to the Hawkesbury Region.

The Association members collectively have many years of experience as radio presenters, broadcasters and business management and believe they are well equipped to provide a diverse range of services meeting community needs in ways unmet by other community broadcasters in our area, which will be sustained by the principals of access and participation, volunteering, diversity and independence.

Our radio station aims to represent local music and arts, sports, interviews with local people, talks and local current affairs. As a non- profit organisation, which is owned and influenced by the community we serve, we will work in a partnership arrangement to ensure that the community’s radio broadcasting needs are met. We generally promote mechanisms that enable individuals, groups and communities to tell their own stories. Our target audience is for the young and not so young listeners.

Because of our not for profit status, Harmony FM needs sponsorships from business organisations to enable us to promote the Hawkesbury region. Your sponsorship will provide the community with your message using highly experienced presenters. Funds raised in this way will go back into the community by supporting activities which include giving opportunities to young persons to learn the complexities of broadcasting and those who wish to gain hands on experience.

Hawkesbury residents who wish to become members of the Association will find an application form on this website. Please follow guidelines and return to Harmony FM.


President – B. Calvert
V/President – G.Webb
Public Officer – M. McMahon
Secretary – M. McMahon
Treasurer – A. Miller
Committee member – A. McMahon


Program & Music Committee
G.Webb, M.Webb, A.Quinn

Complaints/Grievance Committee
A. Miller, M. McMahon, A. McMahon.



G. Webb

M. Webb

J. Bryant

A. Quinn

A. McMahon

R. Wood

A. Miller

J. Elliott

Sandy Kaye

B. Calvert

C. Koeller

H. Kay

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To become a member of Harmony FM, download and fill out our membership form: here.

Once the form is filled out, please email it to or post it to:

Harmony FM
16 Bosworth St,
NSW 2753

Business Address: 16 Bosworth St, Richmond, NSW 2753
Telephone: 02 4578 2797

Hawkesbury Harmony Community Radio Association Incorporated.

Incorporated (incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009)

16 Bosworth St, Richmond NSW 2753


General Email Enquiries: Click Here

Harmony FM
02 4578 2797
Mon – Fri

16 Bosworth St,
NSW 2753